Total Success™
6-12 Month Program to Accelerate Your Success
Beat procrastination, anxiety, overwhelm and perfectionism to get your most important life, and business stuff done, and protect your health.

Personal High Touch 2-on-1 CoreTalk™ Healing and Total Success Roadmap™ sessions

      • Clear out emotional blocks that have led to procrastination and perfectionism
      • Identify and clear core issues that create anxiety and stress and prevent flow of creative energy
      • Heal effects of limiting beliefs that hold you back from realizing your vision and goals
      • Focus on clearing health risks caused by adverse life experiences
      • Create Total Success Roadmap™ for comprehensive life/business balance
      • One to two sessions/month: Initial session up to 2 hours

Monthly Lifeline Calls

      • Up to three 15-20 minute zoom or phone calls to check-in
        • work through challenges that are coming up and prepare for important events (meetings, goals, etc.)
        • Clear whatever is in your way for getting work done in the moment
        • Individual instruction on specific CoreTalk™ strategies for healing

Text and email support

      • Access to us via cell and emails; call or write to us and get support in the moment


      • Six to twelve months inclusive support
        • $12K full-pay for six months
        • $20K full-pay for twelve months
        • Payment plan: $5K deposit plus $2500/month (min. 6 month commitment)
          • 6 months: $5K plus 4 monthly payments of $2500
          • 12 months: $5K plus 9 monthly payments of $2500

Success Accelerator Code online content (optional)

      • 12 months Unlimited access to online course ($1997. value)
      • Personal instruction and guided healing process
      • Learn how to QuickClear™ in the moment
      • Videos, worksheets and curriculum

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